Welcome to… Back to School Month

I am on the record as having said that learning someone was popular in high school makes me like them significantly less. So it will likely come to you as no surprise that I didn’t have the easiest time in high school. 

Like a lot of late bloomers, I have a fraught relationship with my hometown and K-12 education. And like many late-late bloomers, I have an equally complicated relationship with my alma mater and the surrounding area – in my case, Isla Vista and downtown Santa Barbara. 

I love my blog as an outlet for releasing random posts as topics arise in my head, but this month I wanted to be more intentional about the things I write and share on things. So I’m testing out the idea of dedicating a month to a specific theme. 

Which brings me to Back to School Month. September and the end of August always fill me with renewed excitement for what’s ahead… New pens and notebooks, back to school outfits, very very optimistic dreams about how the year could go. These hopes often died by the time homecoming rolled around, but they were bright and sparkly at the beginning of every fall. 

For so many years, I marked time by the start of the school year. Now as an adult I think of the last third of the year as a warm-up for the upcoming new year. So in honor of this optimistic, crisp month that welcomes so many possibilities, here’s what you can expect in the next month: 

  • Things I’ve learned in life 
  • My favorite memories of school 
  • My favorite school stories 
  • Throwbacks 
  • School ~fashion 
  • Thoughts on productivity, learning, focus, and purpose

Some of these posts may not have an immediately obvious connection to the theme, but I promise they were at least rooted in the idea of school. In an attempt to reflect my academic career, I’m posting this five days after the original deadline I had set for myself. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Anyway, that’s it for today. I hope you stick around! 

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