It’s me again + 5 Things [Day 16/100]

Well, it’s been a minute. I’m very out of the swing of things, and after thinking about potential blog posts for today for a few hours, I finally decided to take the easy way out and post a 5 Things.

  1. This morning routine: For the past few weeks, I’ve been waking up earlier than I normally would, writing three longhand pages (aka morning pages), and doing a quick resistance band exercise. I had been pretty good about doing morning pages in the weeks leading up to quarantine, but completely fell off the wagon once I started working from home full time. It’s really nice to set aside some time in the morning to ease into the day, instead of rolling over and grabbing my phone/laptop to check emails first things*.
  2. Teen Wolf: A little known fact about me is that, apart from Glee and Pretty Little Liars, I didn’t really partake in the teen drama genre in my teenage years. I’m making up for that now by watching Teen Wolf. I’m only on season one, but it’s ridiculous and fun and Little Dylan O’Brien is adorable and makes me appreciate the man he’s grown into. Also Tyler Hoechlin is so hot it makes me kind of angry.
  3. Palm Springs: What a perfect, perfect movie for the times we’re living in. I think the weirdest thing about this pandemic is that it feels like it’s locked in every decision I’ve ever made in my life, and made it permanent. My job, my relationship status, my choice to live in the Bay Area. It feels like the window to change any of those things has passed, and I’m stuck living in the aftermath of those decisions I didn’t even know I was really making. But that’s why Palm Springs is so great! It makes you feel all the things you’re feeling, with a twist.
  4. The Cut’s Writing Section: This week, The Cut introduced this section on writing advice, featuring a ton of interesting writers. My favorite pieces have been this one by Jasmine Guillory, the romance writer, and this one by Meaghan O’Connell. Like every person with a blog (probably) I love writing, but can sometimes get in my own head about it. This series has helped me break down the process into something a little less scary.
  5. This nighttime routine: Before going to bed, I’ve been doing a hydrating skincare routine, reading a little, writing in my journal, and drinking spearmint tea. The spearmint tea is key here. It’s decaffeinated, and refreshing, and has conditioned me to realize it’s bedtime when I drink it.

Okay thank you for reading this! I’ll see you soon.

*I know, Duh Police, this is what people have been saying this whole time, but since I refused to abide by the “wear what you normally would wear to the office” rule, I ignored this one too. I’ve recognized how wrong I was now, okay.

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