A Humble Request [Day 15/100]

Whoops, it’s been a week-ish since I posted. It doesn’t matter why* but what does matter is that I’m here now.

While I wasn’t writing on this blog, I was reading! In the past week I read four YA mystery novels. They were all fantastic, and I recommend**. I was able to do so because I got the Libby app, which allows me to connect with my local library and check out eBooks FOR FREE. I was thinking about how great this was on my walk today and I got so giddy I truly felt like this.

I may have mentioned this five million times, but I have a baby nephew who turns six months next week. He’s just now reaching that stage where he’s tickled by everything, and I love it. Even though my sense of humor is slightly more sophisticated than his (only slightly) I have found myself seeking out those moments that bring me what I imagine his pure, unadulterated joy feels like.

Also, I read a lot as a kid and slowed down when I was in high school/college. So getting back into books is an amazing feeling and just what I needed.

Which brings me to my humble request. I made a Goodreads account yesterday, and somehow was connected with, like, everyone I went to high school with and/or am connected to on Facebook. Which, fine, but I don’t think Jacob from sixth grade needs to be notified of my reading habits.

So, why does every digital platform that has a purpose other than socializing (Venmo, Spotify, etc) have a social component? I love that you can stalk people on Venmo, I truly have learned a lot about people through the app, but what’s the point? Why is that necessary?

Relatedly, why does Spotify make you add friends, and why is the default setting public? If I want to listen to the Glee soundtrack on repeat, that is my God-given right. I’m sure it has something to do with user engagement and the product experience, but I don’t care. De-socialize everything. It should not be this easy to know what literature and music is soothing my tender soul.

*It’s because I was lazy.

** The Truly Devious series and One of Us is Lying.

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