Day to night fashion [Day 14/100]

I have been an Internet Person for over a decade. My favorite ways to kill time on the Internet when I was in middle and high school centered around makeup and fashion, although you definitely can’t tell this from any photos of me during that time.

One type of video that came up all the time was on “day to night” fashion. This basically means how a blogger would transition an outfit and their makeup from the office, to a date, to drinks.

I was thinking about this today because I can’t think of a single time in the last four years of “adulthood” that I’ve thought about darkening my eyeliner or lowering my neckline when leaving work for a social event.

I’ve even gone on dates after work (okay, like, four or five) and every time, my presentation has been more “take it or leave it” than anything else.

For a while, I thought this was a vestige of early 2000s Internet content, but I did a search today for the term “day to night fashion” and saw videos from as recent as 2019. So what gives? Am I the only loser who doesn’t have social engagements after work, or worse, doesn’t get ready for them?

I have a ton of time before I need to go back to the office so if this is something I need to start doing, I have a ton of time to prep.

1 thought on “Day to night fashion [Day 14/100]”

  1. In my current job I wouldn’t be able to wear work clothes out, so the best analogue I have of this is when I went to dinner/drinks with my roommate, the person I was in love with, and her visiting girlfriend. I kept the outfit and accessories but threw on a different cardigan, did something w my hair, and put on some mascara/eyeliner/lipstick. It still sucked, and later I got called out for “looking too nice”, so I think the take it or leave it option is perfect, actually!


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