What a day, man [Day 13/100]

Real Kulkfans will know that I skipped yesterday’s daily blog post, making this series, well, not daily. But just before I started writing this, I noticed that I had written Day 08 twice, so in a way, it all evens out.

I promise I have a reason for skipping yesterday, as if you care. I had to be up at 5am for an announcement at work, so I went to bed at 9pm the night before to make sure I didn’t sleep through my alarm. I get serious anxiety the night before I have to be up super early, so I woke up twice in the middle of the night after experiencing work-related stress dreams.

Ah, the life of a high-strung PR person.

Work has been kicking my ass this week, and the upcoming three day weekend could not have come at a better time. Unfortunately, my brain is fried today so this post is mostly a bust, but hopefully I’ll be back at it on Saturday.

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