5 Things 5.17.20 [Day 10/100]

Today, I’d like to give a few shoutouts to the things, activities, and people who are keeping me from going completely feral during this shelter in place. This could get slightly consumer-y, for which I apologize, hopefully I will achieve self-actualization soon.

  1. Budgeting on Mint: Budgeting has historically been terrifying and very stressful for me, a person who does not understand money and spends way too much of it. However, given how many things are out of control right now, updating my budget on Mint has helped me feel a little more in control over my money, and helps me remember that there are things in the future that I want to save for. Maybe. Depending on how things shake out with this pandemic.
  2. My perfume oil: A while ago, I bought this perfume oil. I haven’t been wearing perfume recently, because it felt like a waste since I’m not going anywhere, but I put some on over the weekend and it made me feel like my normal self again.
  3. Going on walks: Fresh air and a little exercise is so important, and has been my one small escape from the house for the past few months. I’m especially grateful that I’ve been able to go on walks because a few weeks ago, my knee was stiff and swollen, so I was unable to walk**. Now, my knee is back to normal and I can stroll my suburban neighborhood listening to a podcast once more.
  4. Aerie lounge clothes: Every piece of work from home advice tells you that you should dress up and wear normal clothes, to which I say, “no thank you.” But after who knows how many weeks of working from home, I started to feel like I at least needed some differentiator between my day clothes and my night clothes, so I bought a few sets of lounge clothes from Aerie. Just a couple of loose joggers, t-shirts, and bralettes, and I feel, if not put together, at least a little more… focused.
  5. My parents: I’ve been staying with my parents during shelter in place, and have been enjoying it so much that I decided to move in indefinitely when my lease is up at the end of the month! It’s been an adjustment to go from complete independence to this quasi-independent state, but I’m so grateful to have them near me. Today, I was in my room when I heard them laughing in the kitchen. I felt left out that I was missing such a good joke, so I went outside to investigate. My dad had been eating chivda* out of a small container every day for a snack and remarked to my mom that the supply never seemed to end. She looked at him for a second, and then let him know that she had been refilling it every few days. This isn’t as funny written down as it was in the moment, but it just made me so grateful that I live in such a loving home.

Also, I’ve been enjoying doing this blog challenge, but am on the hunt for more WordPress blogs to read. How do you find them? Is there a search function I’m missing out on? Please let me know.


*Which I just learned is apparently also called Bombay mix.

**This is due to an autoimmune condition that I was just diagnosed with, but more on that later!

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