Culinary Corner [Day 02/100]

Hello, and welcome to Day 2 of 100 Days of Blogging. I know I said yesterday that these posts would go up by midnight, but this one probably, definitely won’t.

Anyway, I wanted to share three things that rocked my culinary world today:

  1. Chili Garlic Sauce: Not to be confused with Sriracha sauce. Seriously, how dare you. This shit is amazing on everything. Rice, pasta, quinoa, you name it. I lived on this stuff in my late teens/early twenties and it probably destroyed my stomach lining, but I’m back on it anyway.
  2. Mike’s Hot Honey: I learned about this stuff from my favorite food influencer, who is based in New Jersey and who will never do me how Alison Roman did all of you this week. This is really good on pizza crusts.
  3. This cookie recipe: My cookies turned out a little square because they spread too much, but they’re delicious and I recommend.

Okay, that’s all for today! Xoxo.

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