5 things – 3.27.2020

What a week, man. I took two days of PTO on Thursday and Friday and the week still feels like it went on for ages. So, for your consideration, five things that made this week feel a little lighter:

  1. The Claudia Kishi Club*: If you know me, you know that The Baby-Sitters Club was my most formative literary experience growing up. If I haven’t asked you “Did you ever read the Baby-Sitters Club?” seemingly out of nowhere, I don’t really like you. This documentary short is all about the best character in these 200+ books: Claudia Kishi. It was supposed to have been presented at SXSW is available online for another few weeks, and I highly recommend it. The visuals are 100% Claudia-approved, and it features interviews with Asian-American writers and artists who can all agree – Claud is the fucking GOAT. Run, don’t walk. Stacey WHO?
  2. Brit + Co’s Line Drawing Class: I might be the most unartistic person on this planet. My sister, mom, and dad are all truly talented visual artists, so my lack of ability has always been a sore spot for me. This line drawing class (which is free with the code “selfcare” until 3/31) made it really easy to learn the basics of drawing buildings. I showed my mom the drawing I created and her reaction made me feel like a proud five year old. Take this class for fridge-worthy results.
  3. This story: I read this story ten days ago, which now feels like months ago. The weirdest thing (or, I guess, one of the weirdest) about this is how fast it all happened. I had been reading the news on this virus for the past two months, and it still feels so sudden. This piece tells an unimaginable story in a funny and engaging way.
  4. The Succession theme song: This is my way of saying I’ve started watching Succession, about two years after everyone else, and I finally understand all of the tweets about the theme song. It’s amazing, and is now my fourth favorite song (after Smooth, Make it Rain, and Sucker).
  5. Jeopardy: Living with my parents means that Jeopardy (and competing with my dad) is now a crucial part of my evening routine. The pride I feel when my mom looks at me in amazement** after I scream “WHO IS ARIANA GRANDE” for a $200 prompt is completely unparalleled. This post took me an extra 45 minutes to write because I was distracted by Jeopardy.

*More BSC content for those who are interested: What Claudia Wore, which is now Cover Critiques, and my favorite podcast of all time, The Baby-Sitters Club Club.

**Too many of these rely on validation from my mother. Hopefully therapy is on this list in the future.

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