resurrecting kulksmash + 5 things

Hi, I’m AK, and I’ve started and re-started this blog a million times. Not sure why it’s been so hard for me to keep up with posting – it’s either laziness, perfectionism, or a deadly form of both – but this time, I’m going to make a consistent effort. I’m going to try to, at least.

As I enter my mid-twenties/continue on my steady march towards death, I’m overcome with the desire to develop my point of view and a voice, and the best way to do that is to put my words out there into the empty void that is the post-Instagram blogging world. 

I think part of my fear comes from the fact that I’m already embarrassed about the things I said and did six months ago, and those aren’t even immortalized in Internet writing*. Blogs may be a vacuum, but with the Internet, you never know what dumb thing you do is going to go viral. One wrong move, and the entire Internet is mocking you. I got enough of that in middle school, don’t need more of that in adulthood.

Anyway, here I am. Kicking this thing off again. And I’m starting back up with an installment of 5 Things, the series where I tell you about the five things I’m loving at this moment. Perhaps with time, this list will include things like plays and philosophers. This week, it’s mostly clothes and jewelry. Also, I’m taking the easy route, because this is a list so it doesn’t require putting together a series of cohesive paragraphs in the form of an actual post, but you know. Baby steps.

5 Things

  • The sign outside of a bar I walk by on my way to work every day: On my way to work, I walk by my favorite bar, which is an establishment I’ve never entered. It might even be a café, I don’t know. Anyway, there’s a sign outside that features a reprint (I’m assuming) of the Mona Lisa. The sign has been defaced by many an immature San Franciscan – scribbled genitalia point directly at poor Mona, in her senior portrait glory. There’s probably a metaphor in here somewhere about how even women shielded by time, paint and canvas can’t escape the cis male patriarchy, but I don’t have the emotional depth to unpack it. Mona Lisa and the barrage of dicks flying at her face raise my spirits when the cold, corporate world of Silicon Valley has knocked them down, and I will continue to have a hearty chuckle every time I walk by.
  • This articlePart of the WSJ series “What’s Your Workout,” this article features a 60-year-old father and husband who loves breakdancing. This election season has been anxiety-inducing, but reading this article today took my mind off of it for a second, and really cheered me up. Check it out.
  • This is not a sponsored post (shocking, considering my incredible social clout). It’s embarrassing to admit that I barely read while in high school and college, but it’s the truth. Luckily, I started commuting this year, which gives me about an hour every morning to read on the train. Thriftbooks sells used books (that basically feel brand new) that beat Amazon prices by a mile. I bought 14 books for $100, which is insane. Saving money, helping the environment, and not giving money to Jeff Bezos. What more could you want?
  • This necklaceI’m obsessed. I love seeing how animal elements can be incorporated into everyday outfits. The texture of this necklace is so cool, and it makes me feel like an ancient warrior princess.






  • This combination of clothing: A leopard print sweater and a denim sherpa jacket. The intersection where crazy aunt meets cool uncle. An intersection in which I thrive. In six months, I will look back and laugh. But in this moment, I have a spring in my step and a twinkle in my eye. In this moment, I am the reincarnation of both Aunt Hilda and Uncle Jesse. In this moment, I am infinite.



If you’re reading this, you have more patience than is healthy, and I appreciate you. See you next time!


*Also, I just remembered that in eleventh grade I wrote a ~humorous~ blog post about an unrequited crush I had on a boy in eighth grade, which my mom found and made me delete, lest I bring shame upon our family for having a crush on a boy before I was married.


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