A reference image for my therapist

When I was about eighteen, I brought a picture of Shay Mitchell to my hair stylist before a haircut, since she and I both have thick, dark hair. Eighteen is very young to have to learn the lesson that I learned that day*, which is that despite having similar hair texture, Shay Mitchell and I… Continue reading A reference image for my therapist

Self Knowledge, Bullet Journals, Cooking – thoughts in a pandemic

This morning, I found myself getting nostalgic for the bleary-eyed, early morning train rides I used to take into the city on my way to work. I remembered the way my eyes would burn a little in the mornings when I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before, and the way my head buzzed as… Continue reading Self Knowledge, Bullet Journals, Cooking – thoughts in a pandemic

It’s me again + 5 Things [Day 16/100]

Well, it's been a minute. I'm very out of the swing of things, and after thinking about potential blog posts for today for a few hours, I finally decided to take the easy way out and post a 5 Things. This morning routine: For the past few weeks, I've been waking up earlier than I… Continue reading It’s me again + 5 Things [Day 16/100]